Cynical Idealism

aka How You Can Make Money Blogging

Bearing in mind, this isn’t any formal methodology, just my conclusions from observations; the process is as follows:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Add a few posts/pages, making sure to include plenty of buzzwords about the amazing secrets of making easy money on the internet, growing your business, online “presence”, etc. etc.
  3. Conclude each with some form of “sign up/contact me to learn more!”
  4. Establish an advertising deal (easy to request, regardless of blog status), of the “money per page views” variety
  5. “Follow” any and all other blogs that have relevant tags, probably done automatically. This all but ensures you get the “oh, a new follower—I wonder what their blog is like” traffic
  6. Don’t bother ever reading the blogs you follow, or updating your own with interesting new content. That’s too much like effort
  7. Similarly spam comments and so forth anywhere and everywhere—anything that gets you traffic
  8. (ethically dubious) profit!

What’s that? I’m giving away your secrets? This is akin to revealing a pickpocket’s secrets, not a companies proprietary methods.


Okay, rant over. It’s just encouraging to be told you have blog followers, then irritating to realise that at least half of them have never even looked at any of your posts. So, lest this entry be overwhelmed by irate cynicism, I’m going to defer to my idealistic side for a bit.

How You Should Make Money Blogging

(Assuming the content of your blog isn’t about promoting your company in some way shape or form, because there the blog is an auxiliary, not the main focus.)

Sure, have an advertising deal. Sure, try to increase the page views of your blog. But do it by posting interesting content. Stuff that teaches readers something. That gets them thinking about a subject in a different way. That stimulates interesting conversations. But most importantly, reflects you (the author) and what you’re interested in and passionate about. Let your posts be an authentic expression of your thoughts.

And quality will out. The blogs that have good content will get more views. Ones that don’t will be less-frequented (I don’t want to say forgotten, because they may well have their niches).

Is that too much to hope for?


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