Hello, World!

Hello, World!

I should probably start with something relatively straight-forward. Like many others, I have seen and enjoyed the movie “Frozen“, particularly its subverting of the usual clichés (especially when it comes to Disney princess movies).

(To avoid spoilery details, I’ll use the example that none of the sisters’ outfits involve The Only Colour That Girls Like™. The nearest is that both wear magenta/purple cloaks, but they’re a detail of the outfits, not the base colour.)

What I particularly appreciate, though, is that it doesn’t make a big deal of these subversions. Neither in the marketing, or the film itself, is there any sense of “Look at us, being all edgy and going against established tropes!”. The story just gets on with it, treating these differences as perfectly normal.

And really, isn’t that the way to make an actual change to society-as-a-whole’s attitudes? As opposed to having a “token” difference (because we can all see how well that’s worked…).


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